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Glenn R. Heminover, Jr.

Neuromuscular Therapist
Bringing 30-yrs of Professional Experience
American Massage Therapy Association
Client satisfaction is of highest priority to me. There are many good reasons for you to have chosen the Body Therapy Center. I want to assure that your session met your expectations and that you will return as a client. I do many different therapy approaches to help your condition. To help me better understand your needs for your next session(s) please take a moment to answer a few questions. Thank You.
NOTE: Any specific areas of injury or pain may take require 5 or more consecutive sessions to resolve. If you feel any soreness after your session, these are indicators of where your problems may have begun. The soreness should last a half a day or so.


During this session, was there something I did to gain you as a valued client? Please explain.
Did you discover new reasons for seeking a professional therapist?
Please rate the following four items on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the best.
1. Professional Service
2. Professional Conduct
3. Other (if applicable, rank and provide reason)
4. Music Suggestions?
Do you have any suggestions of how your session may have been improved?
Name one or two areas of your body you feel need special attention during the next session to maintain good health
Name two reasons why you would return to me as a client?
Would you refer the Body Therapy Center to your friends?
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